Best Dates in London

by John on October 27, 2013
in Dating Advice

If you want the best dates in London, you first of all need to sign up with an online dating site which is totally focused on the city of London. This is important, as the one thing you don’t want if you are trying to find a date in London, is to end up chatting to people in Glasgow or Plymouth. This is what happens to a lot of people who sign up with one of the huge online dating sites, they find that lots of people contact them from all over Britain and even from worldwide!

Obviously a date is not going to happen with someone who lives so far away. Added to this, is the fact that chatting to people can be become addictive and before you know it, you are spending hours chatting to people who you will never meet, and this will take up so much of your time that you will never manage to make that first date, in fact you may never even manage to arrange a date at all!

A dating site like DatingLondon101 will only show you members from in or near London, because they are the only members we have, and because we only focus on this, we have and are continuing to build a huge database of people from London who are looking for a date with someone just like you.

So don’t make the the mistake of joining a huge dating site like match,com because you think they have thousands of members, the reality is that when you break it down to a city or locality, the focused dating sites have far more members who you will be able to chat with AND then have a real chance to make a date with.

The next step of finding the best date in London is to decide where to go for that date! The choice in London is huge, for daytime dates I think the best dates are looking round one the big museums or going for stroll in one of the Royal Parks – with both of these you have a chance to chat and get to know each other better, there are lots of things you can talk about in both types of date.

For an evening date, there are theatres, pubs and restaurants – all of which are a really good idea. talking intimately over a lovely glass of red wine whilst deciding on what to eat from the menu is a great way to spend your first date.

So for the best date in London, follow the above advice and you will thoroughly enjoy time with a possible future partner!











Dating Sites in London UK

by John on October 22, 2013
in Dating Advice

Dating has changed immeasurably in the last 30 to 40 years, whereas in the past there were few opportunities to meet a prospective date, nowadays there are literally hundreds of dating sites both in the UK and worldwide. Many of the really large dating sites have members from all over the the UK and also internationally, and what you are paying for with these sites are a database of members who are really of no use to your search for a date. Is it likely that if you live in London you are going to start dating someone in Aberdeen or even more absurd in California? Despite this you are encouraged to start chatting to people from these remote locations. will it ever lead to a meaningful relationship or even one date? Not likely, so instead of finding someone to date you find yourself endlessly chatting to people who you are never going to meet!

So instead of joining a huge dating site like these, it is far better and more useful to join a dating site which focuses on one location or city. Here you will find a large number of people who live in or near to the town or city in which you live. In fact you may meet someone who lives just half a mile away or even in the next street. This must make more sense both from a financial and practical point of view. There are dating sites which do have these locational focus and often they are cheaper and more cost effective to join than the huge worldwide dating sites.

If you live in London UK and you are looking to join an online dating site you will find it difficult to beat our site: DatingLondon101 – we have built up a very large database of people just like you who are also looking for a date and probably a long term relationship with someone who lives in or near London. We are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch, many of us first came to Dating London 101 as members looking for a date and as we found the site to do what it says on the tin, we felt confident in working here when a job vacancy became available. We know the fears and the expectations of people who are looking for a meaningful date with someone from their home town and we help wherever we can.

So if you are looking to find a date with someone who lives in London UK my advice is first to join an online dating site which is location based, then check out the site to see if there are helpful advice articles and tips, and finally to say, you wont find better than our site, so give it a try, go to the Home page now and make a start, join us and quite literally change your life!


Dating London Free

If you are searching for the term “dating london free”  it is pretty obvious that:

1. You live in London

2. Your are probably single or divorced and now looking for a date with a view to a relationship

3. You also are not prepared to pay any sort of fee to allow you to interact with prospective dates on a dating website.

This is more than likely going to be a problem as the possibility of taking your search further for a future date without paying a fee is not really going to happen. If you are serious about finding a date online you need to rethink things, the costs are now lower than they have ever been and if you could invest a small amount of money in your future relationship you will find a whole new world of people online who share your hopes and beliefs.

Another significant fact about people who search for free dating either in London or elsewhere is that they tend to want just casual dates and are not interested in a long term relationship. As there are many men nowadays who are taking advantage of online dating sites to find women for just a quick date and probably casual sex it’s perhaps a good thing that these men are not willing to pay to join genuine dating sites.

Women who are searching for free dating sites should be aware of the dangers they may find when meeting men who are also searching for free sites. Many of these men try to disguise both their appearance and age by uploading either photos taken a number of years ago or even resorting to uploading someone else’s photo!

The best way to find true love and hopefully a long term relationship, is to join a genuine online dating site and additionally one which is focused on a particular locality or city, this means that whoever you decide to chat to, you will be sure that they live within a reasonable distance, allowing a meeting at the earliest opportunity! We pride ourselves on our huge database of clients who live in or near London and our philosophy to try to make sure that all our clients are genuine seekers of a date with a view to a long and loving relationship.

Online Dating London

Online dating in London has changed the way in which single people who live in the capital look to start a relationship. People of both sexes from eighteen year old’s to those who are over 40, now regularly go online and search London dating sites to find either a friend or a lover. This is a huge change from 30 years ago when most people who were looking to start a relationship either looked in the classifieds in one of the London papers or signed up with an Introduction Agency (often called Marriage Bureaus). These type of introduction services were often expensive and a bit stuffy, the person who would interview prospects were often older women who looked down on people they thought were unsuitable. Thank goodness this has all been swept away with the introduction of online dating sites.

Significantly people of all races and sexual orientation go online to look for a date, interracial dating is now common in London whereas 30 to 40 years ago it was often looked on disapprovingly. There are Chinese speed dating events, Jewish speed dating, Christian dating sites and in fact, just about any racial or religious group will be catered for in online dating sites in London.

One of the further explosions in the dating arena especially in London have been speed dating events, these can be found in all areas of London on just about any day of the week. Although they can be big profit makers for the people who organize them, they are not a sensible way to try to meet a person with whom you would like to start a relationship with, especially if you a nervous type or someone who doesn’t have an outgoing personality. Speed dating is fine for extroverts or for those who are just looking for a quick date and will go to another speed dating event next week and start all over again!

The best way to find someone who could be the person for a loving and long lasting relationship and who may be as lovestruck as you, is to go to an online dating site which specialize in finding dates in or close to the city in which you live and have a huge database of people who are living close to you. Datinglondon101 is one such site, we focus on building a massive group of people who are looking for a date and live in or close to London. Our staff have been in exactly the same position as you, so they understand your fears and expectations, they are friendly and love the work they do. Give us a try and sign up now on the Home page.

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